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About Perfume Oils And Fragrance Oils

Perfume and Oils have been with us for thousand of years. We can go back as 4000 years to discover different cultures that have used perfumes and Oils.

Other cultures have used woods, resins, incense during their own ceremonies. We can even see the Egyptians that took pride in using mixes of fragrance Oils, flowers, herbs.

They were seen as valuable gifts and even more precious than gold.

How fragrance perfume oil spreads around the world!

The rich loved and still enjoyed the rich fragrances of Oils because they were hand-made. And because they were hand made, the fragrances didn’t lose their longer lasting effect.

Even though France is well known for the diverse perfumes – it did not just exist there. It spread to the four corners of the world.

When Quality Matters…

You too can enjoy the amazing world of perfumes and Oils. No more worrying about costs, quality or quantity. We have more than 190 perfumes and Oils and we´ve only just started!